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Clearview Geophysics

Head-turning Applications

November 20, 2019

Sometimes its necessary to apply geophysical methods in unconventional ways.  In addition to snowmobile-mode and ATV-mode surveys with various instruments such as cesium magnetometers, TDEM IMAGEM, GPR (ground penetrating radar) and others, it is often necessary to use other platforms to carry out the surveys.  A few examples are provided here:

Geonics EM31 Ground Conductivity Meter, Scintrex EnviC Cesium Magnetometer and Sensors & Software Noggin 100 were all mounted on an inflatable raft so that a quarry could be scanned.  A kayak was used to tow the instruments around to avoid potentially contaminating the water which was also used for organic agriculture operations.

EM31 with GPS linked to DAP logger, mounted on inflatable raft and towed by kayak
Noggin 100 with AgGPS132 for positioning

A motorized winch was used to lower Sensors & Software Noggin100, Noggin250 and Noggin500 instruments down the side of a large concrete structure to check for cracks.

A Radiodetection Instrument was used to trace lines from the face of a vertical concrete structure.  The transmitter was connected to the line that was to be located and the receiver was lowered down the side of the concrete structure.  Wheels were mounted on the receiver along with a mirror.  The wheels allowed the instrument to move sideways in scanning-mode. The PTLG+ version is bluetooth-capable to allow frequency switching on the fly.  Binoculars were used by the operator to read the display reflected by the mirror.